• Great double carport designs available, free standing or attached to your house.
  • Gable, Dutch Gable, Skillion, left or right sloping. Bolt to slab or into footings.
  • We can visit your home for a free consultation help you design your carport to fit in with your house.
  •  We have designs and products to suit all budgets, our products supplied are from well known and respected companies like Stratco. Lysaught, Metrol  all use Australian Bluescope steel. standard warranties apply.
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When you buy a shed with Australian Sheds and Carports you can choose any of the following Colorbond colours to tailor your shed. You can choose different colours for any of the following allowing you to get a shed that matches your house or other existing building if needed:
Roof-Sheeting Roof Sheeting Wall-Sheeting Wall Sheeting
Gutters--Downpipes Gutters & Downpipes

Colour Selection

At least version 8 of flash is required. You can download the latest version of flash by visiting the Adobe website. To view and up to date colour range, please visit the Colorbond website


SUPERDEK® roofing features:

  • SUPERDEK® STRACO cladding is endowed with high tensile strength and features a trapezoidal shape.
  • 762 mm Coverage with an Anti-Capillary Rib on the Under-Lap provides weather Tightness at Low Roof Pitch Angles.
  • Satin Finish Paint on Sheet Top provides maximum heat reflection from the top surface whilst hi-Gloss Underside maintains maximum light retention underneath, keeping your awning cooler and brighter all year round.
  • Available in a Wide Range Of Colorbond Colours, SUPERDEK can be supplied in a Colour to Compliment Your Home.
  • With a minimum Roof Pitch Requirement of only 2 Degrees, SUPERDEK is a Great Looking, Economical choice for Flat Roof Carports and Skillion Roof Installations. SUPERDEK is also ideal for Engineered, Gable Roof Carports
  • Minimum roof slope: 2°
  • SPANDEK® is available in an attractive range of colours in COLORBOND® and colour will be on to the roof, under roof, gutter, posts, beam etc.

SPANDEK® roofing features:

  • SPANDEK® is a contemporary-looking, trapezoidal profile which is ideal where a stronger, bolder, contemporary corrugated appearance is required.
  • SPANDEK® was originally designed as a strong attractive roofing material for industrial and commercial construction - however SPANDEK® has proved equally popular for homes and public buildings, underlining its versatility and pleasing appearance. SPANDEK® combines strength with lightness, rigidity and economy.
  • Highly serviceable roofing and walling cladding
  • Bold ribs offer high strength and high water carrying capacity
  • Nominal cover width: 700mm
  • Minimum roof slope: 2°
  • SPANDEK® is available in an attractive range of colours in COLORBOND® and colour will be on to the roof, under roof, gutter, posts, beam etc.
  • COLORBOND® STEEL WITH THERMATECH® TECHNOLOGY. THERMATECH® solar reflectance technology is now included in the standard COLORBOND® steel palette. COLORBOND® steel with THERMATECH® technology reflects more of the sun’s heat, allowing both roofs and buildings stay cooler in summer. In moderate to hot climates, compared to roofing materials of similar colour with low solar reflectance, COLORBOND® steel with THERMATECH® can reduce annual cooling and energy consumption by up to 20%.

TRIMDEK® roofing features:

  • Ttrimdek® is a subtle square-fluted steel cladding, available in long lengths, so on most jobs you can have one sheet from ridge to gutter without end laps.
  • Trimdek is made of high strength steel and despite its lightness, provides excellent spanning and rainwater carrying capacity.
  • The base metal thickness is 0.42 or 0.48 mm
  • Nominal cover width: 762 mm
  • Trimdek is available in an attractive range of colours in Colorbond® factory pre-painted steel and in unpainted Zincalume® steel.

Insulated roofing features:

  • Great for a patio cover keeping you cool in summer, warm in winter and quieter when raining you can even enclose them later into a room. Looks smooth and sheer just like your house ceiling.
  • A single product providing roofing, insulation and ceiling.
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Large spans with less beams and structures required.
  • A wide range of thicknesses available.
  • Superior thermal performance
  • Smooth ceiling matches existing structures.
  • Extensive range of roof colours
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