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We can provide you with a wide range of strong and affordable sheds. Open-sided or fully enclosed, these engineered clear total span sheds are suitable for any purpose. 

Whether you need a factory or a new open space roof for a sports or school centre, we can custom design an engineered clear total span solution that will allow you to cover any area.

With an extensive range of designs and sizes, having a clear totalspan can offer limitless options for industrial sheds. Whether it’s a workshop, a showroom, offices, warehousing, or even an aircraft hangar, the unique design and structure of the clear totalspan frame provides maximum space and total flexibility for almost any application.

 Working with expert designers from a collection of famous company’s to create building designs with a total span open area specifically tailored to individual needs .All our products are covered with the applicable Bluescope warranty.








In addition to the normal steel and sheeting required to build a shed or carport, there are a range of additional extras available which can be used to customise your shed exactly the way you want it. When we develop a quote for you, let us know if any of the following are required:  

 Roller - Door

We have an extensive range of roller-doors in all sizes for both domestic and industrial purposes. All Colorbond colours are available.

 Roller Door Motors and Remotes

You can add a motor and remote to your roller-doors so they open and close automatically. No one wants to get out of the car to open the door in the middle of a storm


 Partition Walls

You can additional internal walls to segment your shed for different purposes. Doors and windows can even be added to these walls.

  Personal Access-Door

You can add multiple PA doors to your shed. All doors are usually 2040mm x 820mm and can come with locksets if needed



There is a range of fixed sized windows available for your shed in all Colorbond colours. If needed you can add security screens or fly screens to your windows.



There is a range of ventilation options available to add to your shed. Whether you need a way to cool the workshop in summer or you are working with chemicals, a solution is available.


If you are going to be working in your shed a lot, you may wish to insulate the roof from the heat of summer, or cold of winter.


 Glass Sliding Doors

If your shed is also your office, you may wish to add a glass sliding door. Glass doors are available in a fixed amount of sizes in all Colorbond colours. Security screens can also be added.


 Attached Garaport

You can add an Garaport or lean-to to the side of your shed to park the car. Awnings can also be enclosed with sheeting if needed.

 Attached Awning

You can add an awning or lean-to to the side of your shed to park the car. Awnings can also be enclosed with sheeting if needed.


  Vermin Flashing

A vermin flashing is an excellent way to stop mice, rats or snakes getting into your shed between the edge of the slab and the wall sheets.


Mezzanine Floors

A mezzanine floor can be added for additional storage room in your shed. A great place to store that tent that never gets used.



Skylights are an excellent way to allow natural light to enter your shed or carport. Skyights are available in either a clear or opal coloured sheet.



This is the famous BlueScope Lysaght corrugated profile, equally at home with traditional and contemporary design. It is long, wide, strong, lightweight and economical in profile which can be quickly and easily aligned. Add up these features and you have a steel roof or wall cladding that simply offers outstanding value.



Trimdek is a subtle square-fluted steel cladding, available in long lengths, so on most jobs you can have one sheet from ridge to gutter without end laps.



Multiclad is a low-rib wall sheet which provides a cost effective solution to covering the walls of your shed.

When you buy a shed with Australian Sheds and Carports you can choose any of the following Colorbond colours to tailor your shed. You can choose different colours for any of the following allowing you to get a shed that matches your house or other existing building if needed:
Roof-Sheeting Roof Sheeting Wall-Sheeting Wall Sheeting
Gutters--Downpipes Gutters & Downpipes Roller-Doors Roller-Doors
Windows Windows Personal-Access-Doors Personal Access Doors
Barge-Capping Barge Capping Ridge-Capping Ridge Capping

Colour Selection

At least version 8 of flash is required. You can download the latest version of flash by visiting the Adobe website. To view and up to date colour range, please visit the Colorbond website

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